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Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 Simple Goals

I'm off to a good start with my goals; Melissa and I concocted a delicious pear pastry on Monday night that fits right in with my goal to experiment more with cooking and baking.

It was perfect timing that I had ripened pears in my basement (from the tree in my yard) and Martha Stewart Living arrived with an amazing-looking recipe for a pastry that required sliced pears on top. I've never in my life attempted to cook with phyllo dough, but Melissa and I are adventurous like that. Plus, the fact that Melissa taught me how to pronounce "phyllo" made me feel like I was in good hands.

I'm not kidding- this pastry is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my entire life. Better than anything. ANYTHING. It's multiple layers of buttered phyllo dough sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and bread crumbs. Meliss had the brilliant idea to add oats (since we opted not to use pecans) and they brought a little something extra to the table.

It was so irresistible that I had three pieces last night. I probably could have skipped the pastry altogether and simply injected my heart with an entire stick of butter instead, but that wouldn't have tasted as good.

The best part about the pastry (besides Melissa's company and the amazing flavor experience) was how easy it was to make. Even though we didn't thaw the phyllo dough beforehand, we made it work. I love love love when Martha Stewart has recipes that a regular person can do. I even had all the ingredients (besides the phyllo dough) on hand! Imagine that!

Both Melissa and I deem 2010's Pear Extravaganza a smashing success (last year we made gallons of jam thanks to Zjani's tutelage). Here's to continuing the pear tradition and fulfilling simple goals.


  1. Wow. That looks fantastic! Good for you.

    Also, have I mentioned lately that I'm ragingly jealous of the pear tree in your yard? Because I am. RAGINGLY.

  2. yum those look delicious! good job, chef liv! ;]

  3. wow that looks delicious! that's awesome that you guys already had most of the ingredients. some of my best food i make comes from stuff i already have and "concoct" to make a tasty meal.

  4. WE ARE AWESOME. And P.S. I ate half of it that night after I left.


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