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Friday, September 24, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving.

I think the best thing my mom did while she was here (besides stock my freezer with the best meatloaf ever) was train Maddie.

You see, Maddie and I love taking walks. But in reality, I hated taking her. She lunged at other dogs, she tried to dart after humans on wheels, and she basically pulled against the leash the entire time. I used to struggle for at least half an hour with her, hoping it would wear her out and we could enjoy the second half of the walk. Usually it didn't work... and I ended up hating Maddie a little bit more with each walk.

My mom mailed out a shock collar last Christmas but Kev and I were too lazy to use it. Instead, I thought it'd be more fun to keep walking Maddie without training her. Kev put the shock collar under his dresser and there it remained until Gail came out to meet Aspen in August.

And then I got a new dog.

It is AMAZING to walk Maddie now. She still gets distracted from time-to-time, but she is much better at recovering. I absolutely love it. On Thursday I strapped Aspen into the Moby Wrap my sister got me and off we went. We strolled the neighborhood happy as can be. We practiced stopping on command and she even got to lay on some shady grass to take a breather.

I'm excited that next week I'll be able to take Maddie with me when Aspen and I meet up with our walking buddies at the parkway. I won't have to feel guilty leaving Mads in the cellar while Aspen and I get to enjoy these unseasonably warm Autumn days without her.

Gail, thank you so much for giving me a new dog. It's so freeing being able to take her to the park without apologizing to other dog walkers and people on wheels when my dog tries to eat them.

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  1. Shock collars work great. We had one for our german short haired pointer. Shads even suggested several times to get one for B&O


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