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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hallelujah and amen!

On Friday night and Saturday morning I had to work at WSU, so Aspen and Kev got to have some special daddy-daughter time without me. It was liberating to spend time away from the house without the baby, even if my boobs missed her.

The best part about working on Saturday morning was the restful night's sleep had by all on Friday. Aspen went down at 11:30 and I had to wake her up at 6:30 the next morning to eat. She didn't make a single peep the entire night. She slept for 7 hours. SEVEN HOURS. Sure, I had to pump to balance out my chest after feeding Aspen, but it's worth it for seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, especially since I was going to spend the morning exercising and needed all the energy I could get.

Aspen wiggled her way out of her PJs Saturday morning

This baby is seriously so good. I still feel that way even after she regurgitated her entire 3pm meal on Saturday and then screamed bloody murder after her bath concluded. It must be that the bath itself is so wonderful (I'm a professional bath-giver) that when it's over she can't stand it. But if that's the worst she can do right now, then I'll take it!

Remember when I was petrified of being left alone with the baby for an unknown amount of time? Remember how it used to be so exhausting? Well, Kev went to Provo for a concert Saturday night and it didn't phase me one bit. I brought dinner to some neighbors, I folded laundry, I ate my own dinner, and I even cleaned the bathroom. I never thought it possible one month ago that I could get so much done with Aspen around.

I know that as soon as I say I'm getting the hang of motherhood Aspen is going to throw me a curve ball, but for now I'm going to go ahead and say it. I know I can do this. I AM doing this. And with Kev as my baby-daddy it couldn't be more fun.


  1. that is seriously amazing!!! i hope it continues!! and i'm so glad you're feeling better about it. it's insane, the difference a month makes. it still does! nearly 2 years later!

    also? i want to cry every time i get out of the bath too. :) baths ARE fantastic!!

  2. I love the picture that is too funny. That is so great 7 hours of sleep is wonderful!!! I hope it continues for you. And Im glad things are going better for you. I think it gets easier/harder in different ways as they get bigger.

  3. Awesome! I am so glad that things are getting better for you.


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