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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's not too dramatic to say I was on the threshold of death's door.

Monday night I was suddenly hit with a wave of exhaustion after Kev and I ate dinner. I put the baby in her swing while Kev was watching her and I got into bed for a little rest. By the time Aspen was ready eat again, I was on the bathroom floor unsure of which direction my insides were headed.

All I knew is that they were definitely headed OUT.

I proceeded to spend the night throwing up in a pot on my nightstand while Kev and Aspen slept in the living room and he bottle-fed her all night. Thank goodness we had food stored up for her so he didn't have to mix formula. Regardless of that convenience, it was a rough night for everyone.

The flu is a heinous thing. I couldn't keep any water down and by the middle of the night all I wanted was a gigantic drink. I finally resorted to freezing Powerade in the ice cube tray because I had successfully kept down ice chips earlier in the night. I figured that Powerade would give me an extra boost of energy, especially since I needed to stay upright long enough to pump and dump breast milk. Did you know that it is actually safe to breastfeed when you have the flu? The only problem is I wasn't sure, and I could barely lift my arms to hold the pump, let alone pick up the baby.

At one point I was wandering around the house carrying my puke pot and Kev asked if I needed anything. That's when I realized I just needed to sit down again. Funny what happens to your brain when you're dehydrated and sleep-deprived.

If I never throw up again it will be too soon.

Thankfully I was on the mend by the time Kev got sick. Oh man. It was still exhausting to be up most of the night with the baby in the living room while Kev commandeered the bedroom for a chance to get much-needed sleep. I didn't think we'd survive, but on Thursday I ate two bowls of soup and even made it to and from WinCo for some of my favorite plain bagels.

Here's to hoping Aspen doesn't get it.


  1. That sounds horrible. I am sorry you guys got so sick. I really hope Aspen doesn't get it either, but luckily she has extra anti-bodies from your breastmilk, so hopefully that will keep her extra healthy and she wont get it. I hope next week goes much better for you guys.

  2. ugh, liv, i'm so sorry! i think throwing up is the worst thing in the world. i'm so glad you're both feeling better! i was amazed at the colds we caught that wy never did, i think their immune systems get a big boost from the breast milk.

  3. I remember getting the flu really bad when Sydney was little and it was horrible! I feel for you! I'm glad you're on the mend and hopefully Kev will be too.

  4. So glad you are feeling better Liv! I had the flu a few weeks back and I felt like I was going to die and I didn't have a baby to worry about. I don't know how you did it.


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