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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look out buddy, this girl has uncles!

For three brief hours last week, I was a parent to twins.

Aspen's walking buddy Makai came over while his mom got a sweet makeover with Thomas Hardy Salon. So for a few hours, I had two 2-month olds hanging out with me in the living room of the Pink House.

These babies are so cute! I was surprised at how easy it was to take care of them- I lucked out because they were about 30 mins behind each other with feeding schedules, so I didn't have to worry about juggling them or trying to soothe one while the other ate.

There was minimal crying and lots of baby squealing, the good kind. Makai brought over his playmat and the babies were fascinated by the light up star. Aspen is just starting to notice ceiling fans and other moving objects, so it was fun to watch her enjoy Makai's toys with him. He's only a couple of weeks older than Aspen but it's amazing to see the difference it makes in his awareness.

He smiles so much and it was a treat to spend a few hours with him. Aspen started screaming when his grandma came to pick him up. I think she was upset to see her boyfriend go. He'd better behave though, Aspen has uncles who intend to protect her from all those boys out there!

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  1. Ridiculously cute. You are also lucky that neither of them are particularly mobile yet. THAT would have made things interesting.


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