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Monday, September 13, 2010

Maddie in stealth mode

On Saturday afternoon Kev asked, "I wonder what Maddie would do if she actually caught a cat?" We got our answer at 6:30 Sunday morning, which prompted me to ask myself "I WONDER WHAT I WOULD DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS?!"

At 6:30 I felt and heard Maddie bolt off the bed and tear out of our bedroom. Kev got up to check it out, thinking Maddie may have run to the front window to look at something. I thought she'd had a nightmare and had fallen off the bed like a dope.

Kev eventually found Maddie on the back steps that lead down to the cellar. And she was with a black and white cat.

Guess what. We don't have a cat.

Since our backyard is now fenced in, the back door can be left open for Maddie to come and go as she pleases. It's really convenient, but I have often wondered when we'd find some rodent or neighborhood pet in our house due to this habit of ours. Turns out this morning is when.

The door wasn't completely closed so the friendly feline moseyed into our cellar at some point in the evening or night, and the canyon winds sucked the door shut, trapping the cat inside. Maddie must have heard a meow or other cue that the cat was near and that's why she bolted.

To answer Kev's question, if Maddie ever catches a cat she's going to stare at it from a few inches away and whine like a baby with her scruff raised. Then I'll pick her up while Kev shoos the cat out our back door and we all go back to bed.

I'm just really glad that Aspen slept through it all.

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  1. hahaha. jay-z gets totally weird/scared like that too. he'll just stare at other animals, and jump if any sudden movements are made haha. unless its a bug, then he's a total hunter. :]


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