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Monday, September 27, 2010

Penny for your thoughts, Month 2


As you entered your second month of life on Earth, my mom came to visit. My mom, who, until holding you on August 25, 2010, had not held a baby since having your Aunty Sophia... 20 years ago.


But Gail (you may call her by her first name, please and thankyou), didn't drop you and didn't hold you upside down and didn't recoil in horror when you pooped. She even talked baby-talk to you. Color me surprised, Aspen! Lots of fun was had with Gail in town. More food than ever seen before by the Pink House was concocted and eaten and frozen and squirreled away so I wouldn't eat just pop tarts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was also a lot of ice cream. And dog walking.

Penny, your tummy troubles subsided in your second month. You still enjoy the occasional dessert of gas drops after some meals though. I like the cute little "O" your mouth makes after I squirt it onto your tongue and you try to figure out what the heck it is. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? I'll never know because believe-you-me, I'm not wasting any of that precious stuff on myself. No sir. It's all yours, gassy pants.

I'd like to thank you for all the nights you slept for about three hours or more at a time in the beginning of your second month. It was so considerate of you, even if my boobs did sometimes leak because they were surprised to go that long (sometimes FIVE WHOLE HOURS!) without seeing your little face. I'll take sleep over dry sheets any day! By eight weeks, you decided to start sleeping from 11:30 pm until about 6am. Mama really really appreciates it.

I'm also grateful that you like bath time, but I wish you didn't scream your head off when it's over. Otherwise, it's so fun to put you on your little baby bath thingy and watch your content little face while I soap you up. You seem to enjoy having the water stream right onto your belly while I wash in between your wrinkled folds with lavender soap. And speaking of wrinkles- I'm glad you're getting some. Kev and I have accepted the reality that you are just petite, and that's okay. You may never have thunder thighs and edible second and third chins. Maddie will like you more if you stay smaller than her anyway. Once Samson got big enough to school her, she got pretty pissed. So, stay little as long you'd like.

Something else you've shown a positive response to is the motorboat sound. Y'know, put your lips together and blow out air... that sound. You'll usually calm down if you've started to fuss a little and sometimes when I do it while you're content you'll widen your eyes in acknowledgement. You're not just a blob anymore! I hope you know that Kev is convinced you're physically advanced because you've been holding your own head up since you were two weeks old. This means you've been banging your forehead on my shoulder for a really long time already. So advanced.

To wrap up, here's what's going on this month with you:

-you smile ALL THE TIME
-Daddy calls you his "dear sweet baby" when we say prayers together and are thanking Heavenly Father for blessing us with you
-you started sleeping in your crib (and I slept in my own bed, NOT the floor of your nursery) at 5.5 weeks old
-you started sleeping for 4 to 5 hour stretches at a time at night and I couldn't be happier
-you stopped sleeping in your crib at 6 weeks old (hahahahaha funny)
-you went back to sleeping for 2 to 3 hour stretches at a time at night (hahahahaha funny)
-you started sleeping in your crib again
-you started sleeping 6 to 7 hours at a time at night
-you've mastered the grumpy face necessary when you're unswaddling yourself
-you grabbed your binky once by accident and waved it around like a maniac
-your little fingers have found your mouth from time to time and you've actually sucked on them a little
-all your hair is still on your head... but as your noggin gets bigger it appears your hair is thinning -baby acne reared it's ugly head (just in time for your baby blessing!)
-you smile when Kev "beeps" your nose
-you accidentally pet Maddie on the head once
-you had your first blow out, and thankfully it was at home and it was microscopic
-we started taking regular walks with some of our neighbors and you're "meeting" lots of other babies this month
-Mama went back to teaching Pilates and you are a total champ when Zjani babysits you
-the first time Mama couldn't find a babysitter in order to teach Pilates you spent an hour at work with Daddy and it was oh-so-productive for him!
-we babysat some of your friends and you did great while Mama's attention was on the other babies

In all honesty, I've probably cried more in this month than you have, my little Penny. I just get so tired that even when you're in a fabulous mood at 2am, if I haven't been to bed yet I can't help but cry. I appreciate that you're such a happy baby but I think I could appreciate it a little more if you'd be a sleepy baby.

Let's work on that this month, k?



  1. ohhhhhhh.....the post bath screaming! you suddenly jogged my memory. wy did that for a while, and it was always caleb's job to dry wy off and get him diapered and lotioned and pajamaed up and he was always frantic to do so because wy was screaming. he got very quick at finishing. :) he did stop though, but i can't remember how long it took.

    woah. that was a weird flooding of memories!

    i will tell you this though, wy never slept for that long of a stretch! that is so fantastic!

  2. Such a sweet girl! I hope she starts to sleep better! I know how you feel!

  3. What an adorable post. Your writing talent really will be cherished by her when she learns to read...based on one of her onesies I saw, i'm guessing that'll be pretty soon.


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