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Friday, September 03, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXIX

My step-dad Marc (who is having a hard time figuring out what his grandpa name will be) came into town this week and has been working around the PH almost non-stop. Kev made a chore list and Marc has diligently been getting things done for us.

My favorite chore was the one that got the art work up on Penny's wall. Soon after she was born I reorganized her room for the tenth time and it left me with a big wall space that needed to be filled. And since I don't like typing one-handed while holding the baby, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Marc did an awesome job, especially since Kev had all his levels with him at work. I told him that as long as everything looked level from the nursing chair we'd be good. Wouldn't it be awful to be staring at crooked frames in the middle of the night with a baby attached to your chest?

My parents are exchanging white IKEA shelves for black ones today and then I'll be able to finish the nursery. They'll go in front of the window (since they're backless and will let light through) and I plan to put books and pretty things on display. I love the finishing touches; that's the most satisfying part of redoing a room.

Many thanks to Pappy/Bunpo/Gramps for all the help!


  1. looks fantastic! i have never really finished wy's room, and it's something that still bugs me, even though the next step would really be when it's time to get him a "real" bed / bedding etc. love the artwork and paper balls! i've always thought they were so pretty.

  2. That is so nice your step dad is helping you out with things around the house. I love Aspens room so cute, especially her changing table!

  3. aww, Marc is so awesome! the room is looking fabulous! yayy for decorating :]


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