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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There is beauty all around.

As Kev and I were on the mend Friday, I managed to take a nap in the freshly made bed. That's one of my favorite things.

Before nodding off, my mind was thinking about all sorts of random things. I found myself remembering my college days and the spot in the library where I could always study in peace. It overlooked a wall of windows that faced a shady courtyard on campus. There wasn't a lot of foot traffic through that courtyard so I was never overly distracted, but could still people-watch.

I need to find a quiet spot like that again in my life. It doesn't have to be literal, but that would be preferable. I used to be able to find a metaphorical quiet place during Savasana when I practiced Yoga, but now that I'm usually the one teaching, I don't take Savasana.

I think I need to return to my backyard before the winter cold comes. That apple tree did a pretty good job calming my nerves while Aspen was incubating. The only concern I have about it now is the apples are falling and I don't need to get beaned by one.

Did you have a favorite quiet place in college? Do you have a favorite quiet place now? I promise I won't steal yours.


  1. I'm envious that you could find internal shelter during Savasana -- I've never been able to, as my brain refuses to power down. Ever.

    Regardless, I've come to really love my small, shaded deck on warm summer/fall days. With a good book, a nice breeze and a cocktail, it's a very wondrous place.

  2. All during undergrad I always found little nooks in the buildings that I felt of us mine. I loved going there during breaks, spreading out, maybe even napping. There was something so rejuvenating about having a spot that felt like my special retreat.

    The law school is too small and crowded for that, and it really does make a difference in how comfortable I feel on campus. Just knowing my spot was there helped me feel at home.

  3. Mine in college was the same--a little nook in the library! Children's literature to be exact...and that is actually the segway that took me from wanting to be an English major to a teacher.

    My spot now is a darkened classroom with the door locked. It's pretty much the only place I get one second of peace once the day is done.

    It is GOING to be the library Aaron just built me 2 weekends ago. We just need chairs.


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