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Monday, September 20, 2010

True or False:

"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."

Obviously, having a baby hasn't killed me. But I'm wondering if it's made me any stronger. Sleep-deprivation tends to have the opposite effect on an individual. I feel weakened with every day that passes and I find myself once again running on only three hours of sleep.

I know that right now it's a phase Aspen's going through- this growth spurt that makes her eat every 1.75 hours (down from three, then down from two) and sleep much, much less... but that doesn't make it easier to stay up with her until 1:30 and then get up again at 5, then 7 and then be up for the day.

I'm trying to put everything into perspective. Me and Kev getting the flu really did a number on our family's schedule, and I'm sure that will take a little while to recover. One thing for which I'm always grateful, even when I'm up for 14 hours a day with the baby, is that she is not constantly throwing fits. She may cry a little here and there, but it's not like I'm up with a colicky baby. I'm so blessed that she's healthy and happy.

Also, I figured out how to use the 3 turbo speeds on her baby swing. They work like a charm to throw Aspen into dreamland when I've tried everything else.

Tender mercies indeed!


  1. The swing is a life saver. Bailee spent the first two months of her life in that swing so we could sleep at night. IM glad you guys are over the flu and feeling better. Im sure it did mess with your schedule though which is hard. Hopefully her growth spurt doesnt last long & you can get more sleep.

  2. So true about it not killing you, although while you are going through it you do wonder how it is possible that you are surviving.

  3. Oh sister...I hear you! Hang in there. It eventually gets better....just in time to have another one! I still feel sleep deprived, but it's not like it was in the beginning. You're so cute!


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