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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two roads diverged in a wood...

I've accidentally become a stay-at-home-mom.

When the six-week mark came, I went back to teaching a regular Pilates class on Monday nights. But I didn't go back to my office.

This is what my boss and I discussed before I left to have Aspen. We both agreed that I should stay home as much as possible with her if Kev could find a job. Since Kev doeshave a job (and it happens to be with my old boss) I am doing the stay-home thing.

It's so freakin' weird. I love it, but it's strange to go to the grocery store in the middle of the day. It's strange to kiss my husband goodbye in the morning and then go nurse the baby instead of leaving right alongside him for work. It's strange to be able to meet Kev for lunch somewhere and then not have to rush off to anything in particular.

I am so grateful we've stumbled upon this opportunity. I am enjoying the time I have to care for this little pilates buddy of mine and to take care of our Pink House. When I meet my walking buddy a couple of times a week, it boggles my mind that I'm able to enjoy an hour at the park in the middle of the morning. I'm one of those strolling moms I used to envy when I was driving to work.

I never thought Kev and I could be here in this place. Our finances are pretty tight but we're still having fun. We take Maddie to the dog park; we eat dinner together at home almost every weeknight; we sit in bed and read together; we watch movies we've had on our shelves for years and have neglected... we just spend time together. It's setting a foundation for our little girl to grow on. Hopefully she'll pick up on our good habits and appreciate our efforts to make family priority number one. And hopefully our frugality will pay off.

I must admit though, I couldn't do this stay-at-home-mom thing if it weren't for my support group. I'd go insane if I didn't have so many other moms in my neighborhood plus social networking to keep me from feeling like a hermit.


  1. it's been almost two years, and i STILL get weirded out and giddy about it. it's harder work, but WAAAAAAY more rewarding. and no filing!

    and yes, i am so with you. i NEED the play dates, mom's groups, internet to feel like i'm still a person and not just a mom. which reminds me of that SNL mom jeans skit....

  2. That is so awesome! I am glad you are able to stay home with your little girl. I think it would be weird to stay home too, I don't know what I would do with myself!

  3. aww, i'm sosososo glad it's working out for you guys!! ♥

  4. what a blessing! someday i hope this will be my blessing. and your aspen is adorable. i love her name.

  5. That's awesome Livia! It's such a wonderful foundation that you guys are spending lots of time at home together too, when you are both home. Yay for quality time!


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