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Thursday, September 09, 2010

We always had a can of cream of mushroom soup just for Lalli.

Despite that really crazy Backstreet Boys obsession when I was a teenager, I'm still friends with Kris. I'm not sure how she hung on through all that, but I'm really glad she did. She has proved to be invaluable to me with Aspen since her sweet Bug is about 9 months older and she's a professional mom now.

Kris has 5 siblings and a great set of parents I spent a lot of time with growing up (and out of my Backstreet Boy obsession) and we were all able to get together to reminisce about those good old days. I love that we're all still in touch (thanks Facebook!) and that we were able to BBQ and take photos and be silly for a few hours.

I hope Aspen will find good friends throughout her life and have the opportunity to hang onto them, even if she too is obsessed with a boy band to an embarrassing extent.

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  1. That is so fun! Sounds like they were great friends & neighbors. Im still hopeful we will find/have neighbors like that some day.


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