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Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Simple Goals - cooking

My mom made a lot of food while she was here and it's been so awesome to have home-cooked meals prepared after she left. My freezer is just now starting to get empty but I'm doing my best to maintain momentum when it comes to keeping up the home-cooked goodness in the Pink House.

Among some of the prepared meals (like meatloaf and casseroles) Gail shredded some turkey and divided it into portions for my freezer. Last week I thawed it and tossed it in a pan with olive oil and Misty's seasoning. I boiled some carrots and potatoes and then mixed everything together.

Voila. Delicious dinner that I invented. I didn't measure anything or use a timer... but it was freakin good.

I'm really getting used to this whole "staying home" thing. I should probably have more babies so I can ensure it's a permanent gig.

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  1. Sounds way good. The few times I have accidently not measured something correctly it doesnt turn out so I wish I could say I dont have to measure & I can just add things in & have them turn out great.


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