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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hold up, wait a minute...

Kev and I had the opportunity to sit down together and watch General Conference on Saturday at the Pink House before we headed to Sandy to watch the second session at Seth's. It is so nice that we're in the habit of watching the Saturday session because it's always enlightening. I didn't always feel that way as a kid (it's hard to "give up" a Saturday!) but I've learned to appreciate it as I've grown older.

Some of the best news delivered by President Monson is the new temple that is to be built in Hartford, Connecticut. This means that my grandpa, who recently received his endowments, will be able to attend temple sessions at his leisure since he lives in CT. The closest temple to him now is in Boston, MA. Being 91, it's probably best that he doesn't have to make long-distance temple trips.

I always enjoy what President Uchtdorf has to say, and I found it incredibly ironic that I missed a lot of his Saturday morning talk about slowing down and enjoying life because I was busy finding clean underwear, burping the baby, changing her bum, and making sure we'd have everything we need for Aspen's first sleepover.


I don't want to miss a minute of my life, or Penny's for that matter. I've been a lot better about spending at least an hour "playing" with her after each feeding during the day. Then she gets grumpy and lets me know she needs to nap until she's ready to eat again. I'm putting down the computer more, turning off the TV more, and taking time to see if Penny's ready for certain toys yet or responding to new sounds.

I look forward to the Conference issue of The Ensign so I can read President Uchtdorf's talk and catch what I missed.

What did you like most about Saturday's session?


  1. I just had to say I LOVE the name Penny. SO CUTE!!!

  2. Thats so great about the new temple in Connecticut & your grandpa being able to attend whenever she he lives there. I missed the talk by President Uchtdorf as well but it is a great reminder. Last time we were at Shads parents his mom played with Bailee for almost two hours. It made me stop & think how I need to slow down & just spend time playing & doing things with Bailee. Sometimes I feel like Im just waiting for her to go down for a nap so I can get things done.


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