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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It requires a thick armour, that's for sure.

Aspen had her two month immunizations last week and I was terrified her head would spin around in circles and we'd hear no end of fussiness the entire week.

Thankfully, she was just a little off her normal routine and it was nothing like what I had feared.

Is it wrong that I refused to remove her band aids though? I mean... they were on her legs until Thursday before I could bring myself to do it.

I'm fully capable of removing band aids, but I got to the point where I was tired of being the one who made Penny cry last week. I made her cry when she got stabbed three times; I made her cry when I held her wrong; I made her cry when I put her in her crib before remembering to change her diaper; I made her cry when I made her wait three extra minutes to eat; I made her cry when I ended her bath...

It can make a mom feel badly sometimes.

I tried and tried to convince Kev to do it, but he wasn't home at all Monday-Wednesday. He came home Thursday and took Penny for a couple of hours while I visited with Melissa (of pear pastry fame) and adored her new library. It was a lovely respite from the endless fun the babe and I had been having in Kev's absence. But when I got home it was time to rip those suckers off.


Next time Kev is TOTALLY doing it for us.


  1. I can't believe how big she's getting, she is beautiful. Yeah, it's the worst to have to do things that make them cry huh?

  2. Yes, but someday, you'll be the one who gets to hug Penny after she rips her OWN Band-Aids off. And that will feel awesome.

    Hang in there... :)

  3. I hated doing it as well. You could let her soak in the tub until they just come off.

  4. Glad her shots went well, they are never fun :( I remember when we took Bailee to get her blood drawn to check her bilirubin when she was only a few days old, we forgot to take her bandaid off. It was on their for a few days, Shad felt bad taking it off since it was stuck on their for so long. And boy do I have a bandaide story sorry it your post just reminded me of it. I had some scratch on my arm so I had neosporin on, well Shad was going to rip the bandaide off so it would be quick well guess what some of my skin came off too. I was freaking out & he felt really bad. Now I take my own bandaids off.

  5. I feel ya. I hate taking band aids off of myself so obviously I hated taking them off of MJ too when she got her shots. I hate making her cry. That little bottom lip quiver is just heart breaking.


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