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Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been what... one, maybe two days since I posted a photo of Aspen?

At least the dog's in this one too!

I think this week I over-scheduled myself. All I know is that by Wednesday, I felt like I needed an entire day in bed to recover.

Apparently Aspen felt the same way. Weds night she slept from midnight until 845am. And so did I. Woo! AND THEN she went back to sleep for just over 2 hours.

It totally rocked. Thursday I spent the ENTIRE DAY in my PJs. I showered and changed when Kev got home from work and we decided to go to The BookShelf before he went to a meeting.

Aspen stayed in her PJs until it was time for her to go to bed, at which time I put her in fresh ones. Some days just call for lounging around to the max power (although I somehow managed to get a lot done around the house regardless of my intentions to be lazy).

To my dear Kev, my baby daddy, my BFF: thanks for making this possible. We've both worked so hard to get here. And I really appreciate the comment you made about not caring if I sit around and watch TV all day as long as Aspen stays alive.

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  1. So wonderful to sleep a full 8 hours or more huh?! I also declare jammy days. We stay in our PJs all day and just chill. It makes me feel better when I "declare" them because then I don't keep feeling like I need to do something haha ;)


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