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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Penny for your thoughts, month 4


Wow, what a week we've had little one. Your Aunty Sophia commented that this month it's probably a good thing that your letter coincides with one of the worst weeks we've ever had. It'll force me to get past the trauma we've endured and instead focus on how awesome you are.

Let me just share what we do with ourselves each week, kiddo (that is, when you're not having a freak out and mama isn't suffering from severe sleep deprivation).

We have days when we meet our walking buddies and stroll the parkway for about an hour. We have days when we run to the grocery store or the library. We have days when we sit on my bed and mama reads while you nap in the sunshine. We have days we go to church and you get to spend two hours on my lap or daddy's before we snuggle you in your car seat for the last hour of meetings. We have days when you spend a couple of hours with a babysitter. We have days when daddy isn't able to come home from work until 10pm, and we miss him a lot. But you always welcome him home with your giant, sweet smile.

Aspen, no matter what we do during our days, I'm just so grateful we have them. It means so much to me that daddy and I have you. We can't say enough good about you.

In your fourth month, you were often content to sit in your bumbo on the table while mama ate meals during the day. You also started taking your naps in your crib instead of in your bouncy chair. It has ensured that you sleep longer than 20 minutes spells so mama can get more chores done faster and she can take a loooooong hot shower. It's so wonderful to have figured out a nap time solution, even if it is only temporary before you hit another growth spurt or something else triggers a change. We have also enjoyed dancing around your room to Billy Joel's greatest hits.

Other four-month highlights include:

-you started responding to daddy's tickles
-you learned to like tummy time enough to hold that big noggin up at a 45 degree angle
-you're still wearing some of your "newborn" clothes, but are finally branching out to the 0-3 month set a bit more
-you went with mama, daddy and Mandi to the pumpkin patch and got your very own green, round, tiny pumpkin for Halloween
-Maddie started joining us on walks in the stroller because she's such a good dog
-you discovered your knees one morning while mama was changing your diaper
-you stopped consistently screaming bloody murder when mama rubbed lotion on you after your baths
-you looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn't tear your eyes away
-you went a whole week without pooping and your toots almost knocked mama over!
-for Halloween you dressed up as an 80s groupie and went to TWO parties
-Maddie finally became an item of interest to you and you started watching her
-we played with Aunty Sophia's Photobooth for the first time

Aspen, you are beautiful and so perfect. I can forgive you for being such a sucky sleeper the last few weeks.



  1. 0-3 months, wow she is so small, or I just have a giant, he he a little of both I'm sure.

  2. So sweet! I like the little pouty lip. It's so precious!

  3. i love that picture of her cute frowny face! so adorable!!


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