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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She just wants to be included.

I do what I can to keep Maddie a #2 priority in the Pink House. She will accompany me and Aspen on walks at least once a week when I take the time to secure Aspen in her moby wrap. Additionally, Maddie gets to play at the dog park pretty frequently. I'll be so sad when it closes in November for the season.

She still snuggles in bed with me and Kev every night and gets a dollop of wet food with her breakfast every morning. Since Maddie has proven no harm to the baby thus far, she has free reign of the house and I never reprimand her for giving Aspen kisses unless she gets too close to her mouth (GROSS).

I love this dog. She is and always will be my little first-born baby. That's why it's okay that she curled up in my nursing pillow on Saturday night.


  1. What a cute picture of her on the nursing pillow. Sounds like she is still very loved & your doing a great job so she feels that way. We try hard with Butterscotch & Oreo. But lately Oreo will sit upstairs or somewhere by herself until we realize Butterscotch is sitting by us but not Oreo. Oreo needs a little extra TLC to say the least.

  2. I love all the posts you do. Maddie seems to be taking the new adjustments pretty well.


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