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Saturday, November 13, 2010

4 Simple Goals - Cooking

This goal requires baby steps. Like, instead of just cooking spaghetti for dinner, I browned some sweet sausage and put it in the sauce. I used to be too lazy to do that. Hooray for simple improvements!

Along the same lines, I added shredded turkey to Pasta Roni and voila! A well-rounded meal is created out of a side dish.

Additionally, I've been making a lot of bread. I know that white bread isn't as nutritious as wheat, but that's what I've been making in my crock pot. I think I made four loaves in one week! Kev and I devour it for snacks. And does it really matter what kind of bread is baking when it makes the house smell good regardless? I think not.

Mostly, this goal is about utilizing ingredients I have to improve a meal I might otherwise just haphazardly throw together in time for Kev to eat before he leaves again for more work/meetings in the evenings. Some days I don't go all out, as evidenced in the meal I dubbed "school lunch." That consisted of ever-so-healthy macaroni and cheese, fish sticks and peas. Perhaps not the most nutritious, but Kev thought it was fun. I'm sure when Aspen gets older she'll love themed meals like that. Don't you remember how awesome it was to have breakfast for dinner?

I'm hoping that this slightly more creative cooking will become a habit that I keep building upon so Aspen comes to know fun family dinners and will look forward to sitting down as a family together. I know it's a highlight of my day when Kev gets to come home for dinner so I don't eat alone with the baby sitting in her bumbo on the dining room table. As much fun as she is, her dinner conversation isn't as captivating as Kev's.

If you have some simple recipes, send them my way!


  1. Hey Liv if your looking for way to utilize things you already have in the house you should try the site has a million recipes and a nifty little search tool that can search by ingredients you have.

  2. and then forward them to me :] k thanks haha

  3. I totally agree with the thing. One of my favorite simple things is to add to a meal is chicken nuggets to my spaghetti. It tastes a lot like chicken parmasean. Matt loves it. Most meats in a crockpot with some cream of mushroom soup is good too.

  4. First off, I second I love that site.

    Secondly, how strange that you mentioned "school lunch." Just this afternoon, I made grilled cheese, tater tots and canned green beans, and my husband and I joked that we were back in fourth grade. Man, if only we had some of those divided plates...

  5. 3 boneless chicken breast, half a bottle of bbq sauce, 1 whole sliced onion, 1 can (10oz) sliced pineapple. Place everything in crockpot, cook on high for 4 hours, serve with rice. I hope you enjoy it.


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