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Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 Simple Goals -- Loving my post-baby body

It's a delicate topic to discuss body image after having a baby. But it's important to acknowledge the changes and try to appreciate them.

I'm the first to admit I'm ridiculously lazy. Unless I'm walking the parkway, I don't do cardio. I only exercise when I'm teaching a Pilates or Yoga class. Additionally, I don't eat right. One of these days it's going to catch up with me, but for now I've somehow made it back to pre-baby weight.

Pre-baby shape is another story though. While I'm showing familiar numbers on the scale, I still can't slip on some of my pre-Aspen jeans. That's completely fine by me though because I can make do rotating through what does fit. What matters is that I have a lot of energy and I can take care of my little one.

Kev's support has meant a lot to me after having Aspen. Whenever I excitedly tell him that another pair of pants/shorts fit, he mirrors my enthusiasm.

It may be shallow and unrelated to loving my body as a whole, but one thing I'm really grateful for post-pregnancy is the ability I have to wear all of my shoes again. I was so afraid my feet would change size and stay a new size. But I can wear all my size 6s again and it's wonderful because I missed them during the last couple months of pregnancy.

Ultimately, I would like to fit into a couple of bottoms for next summer, so I'm going to focus more on what I'm eating (which goes along with one of my other simple goals, how convenient) and do what I can to incorporate more cardio into my week. Now that I can simultaneously walk Maddie and Aspen it's a lot easier to get out of the house; I don't have to feel guilty for abandoning the poor dog at home.

I've never made goals regarding weight or exercise, so this should continue to be quite the experience!


  1. You looked great when I saw you the other day! Im horrible I go in spurts with cardio (running)& I've tried to watch what I eat but its still hard. I've come to the conclusion though that my stretch marks on my stomach & linea nigra are NEVER going away! But thats ok no one sees my stomach anyways :) and having Bailee is totally worth it!

  2. Good job on getting back to pre-baby weight! Good luck with the exercise!

  3. Post-baby bodies... I have so many comments. I'll just say ditto. Except I still have 8lbs. to go and I'm 6 weeks post partum. I'm hoping that my shape will return.


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