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Friday, November 05, 2010

America's Next Top Model

I mentioned via Facebook the other day that I regretted not having newborn photos taken of Aspen. It was just not something I could have scheduled because of the way I was feeling (i.e. CRAZY). In hindsight though, I wish I would have bit the bullet and had them done. I wish I had some nice photos of Aspen when she was squishy-faced and sleepy.

The day I posted that, I was contacted by Linsey, who is actually my old roommate's sister. She kindly offered to do a photo shoot for Aspen at a killer deal, so I took her up on it! All I had to do was head down to Bountiful for the 2-hour shoot.


Aspen had her first shots taken at the Bountiful Temple, where Kev and I were sealed. I never thought I'd breastfeed my baby on the Temple grounds, but when those "I'm HUNGRY" cries start, one must oblige. Aspen was stellar for the shoot and I was so impressed with her demeanor. I know she's generally a happy baby, but it's quite another thing to be a happy baby outside in the Fall weather after Mama changes your diaper on the ground.

After about an hour at the Temple, Linsey and I took Aspen downtown to the Tabernacle off of Main Street. There were a lot of great textures and background options that I loved. It was such a pleasure to work with Lins because it's obvious she loves what she's doing, and she loves babies. I enjoyed spending the time with her and appreciated her sweet remarks about Aspen being cute or doing so well. Lins was also very open to any ideas I had for a photo and even let me sneak into a couple of them at the end.

It was a beautiful, perfect Autumn day with a wonderful photographer and I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to capture some of Aspen's adorable three-monthish-ness. If you need any photos taken (especially with the Holidays coming) please contact Linsey. You will love her work!


  1. They turned out super cute! Linsey does an awesome job.

  2. love them! when aspen gets a bit older and you want her to have some top model training, feel free to send her my way. i'm already working on my nieces... ;]

  3. Those are beautiful pictures. So cute. Aspen looks so comfy in that beautiful baby carriage. I love them.


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