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Friday, November 26, 2010

Can you tell how tired Kev is in this picture?

All of the Thanksgiving food was delicious. The company was fabulous. We got the family hooked on "Auction Hunters" and "Community."

But Thanksgiving 2010 may be remembered as the one when Kev and I didn't sleep. I need to get better at going with the flow and functioning on lack of sleep. As Aspen grows, new challenges are going to come along (TEETH) and it won't always be easy to get her to nap or sleep for the night.

I'm so glad that when we got home from Seth's today (yeah, at 9am because I just wanted to be in my own house when I had a mental breakdown) Sophia and Kev played with the baby for two hours while I slept. It was so refreshing.

In fact, it felt so good to nap this morning that I think I'm going to lay down again until Aspen wakes up from her nap.

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  1. Our Thanksgivings sound so familiar. Its nice to have family to help watch them so we could get some sleep :) Today has been really nice. Bailee let us sleep in until 9 usually shes up between 6-7 & took a three hour nap so I took a two hour nap.


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