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Friday, November 12, 2010

Designs by Katie BP

A childhood friend of mine recently started a crafty business, and I recently reaped the rewards. Not too shabby.

Katie makes all sorts of accessories from hair clips, binky clips, to baby leggings. I contacted her about pricing and instead of letting me place an order, Katie sent me two pairs of baby leggings as a gift for Aspen.

She's sweet like that.

Aspen is modeling the argyle leggings in the smaller of the two sizes. They fit perfectly and are great for keeping her warmer in the winter months. Plus, when she starts crawling they'll protect her little knees from the carpet and all the dog toys she'll inevitably encounter on the floor.

Please stop by Katie's website to see all the wonderful creations she has. If you're in Washington state definitely check out Katie in person!

Katie, thanks again for the gift, I love them and I'm sure Aspen does too.


  1. Ahh! I just saw this! So cute! I'm so glad I sent you both now!! Cora was always so fat that I forget about little babies. Hope she loves them! THanks for the shout out too!



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