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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be.

Kev has been working a lot lately. Like, he leaves for work at 8:30am (at least he doesn't have to start super-early!) and sometimes he doesn't get home until 11pm. Last weekend he didn't get home from working a side-job until 2:30 in the morning. How horrible is that?

The good news is that he is ensuring that our needs are met. He's ensuring that Miss Penny has diapers every single time her butt needs a fresh one. He's ensuring that my car is always gassed up and the fridge is always full.

I'm only teaching two classes right now, one Pilates and one Yoga. That doesn't do much to supplement our income. So Kev is taking advantage of other opportunities to bring home "extra" money while I hang out with the baby and the dog. I admit it gets a little lonely and frustrating at times, but I rather be dealing with Aspen's cries than doing customer service in an office while she's in daycare.

The good thing about Kev's long absences is that it makes our time together sweeter. He can't complain when I snuggle the baby up against him at 11am on Saturday because it's the first time he's seen in her over 24 hours. He'll happily watch her while I try to get some things done when he's home on the weekends.

I'm curious though, what do you do when you're faced with a long week as a single parent? How do you overcome the fatigue and keep things interesting? Especially with this wretched cold weather coming, I need all the ideas I can get to stay entertained with a little one.


  1. I can so sympathize with you. That's how all summer was for me. Luckily Matt is home more in the winter time. I suggest having your own hobbies to do during down time or get together with friends often, which I think you are already pretty good at. There is also a little play ground in the Newgate Mall that I have taken the kids to during the winter. Maybe when she gets more mobile that will work for you. Also make sure you and Kev have date nights when you can. We didn't and I wish we had. Good luck! It is so not fun or easy to be a single parent.

  2. i started planning outings, and most of them were errands. or walks around the mall. something where i got myself out of the house for a bit every day in between naps. get a good book. a redbox or two. plan some lunches with people. or plan a day to bake something and stay in your pjs all day long. if i made it a *thing*, it seemed like a privilege instead of something else.

  3. That's what it's like over here and I suffer a lot from fatigue. It helps to get out of the house though. The girls and I go window shopping a lot, we go to playgroup every week, and we have a stay at home pajama party every now and again with a movie and popcorn.

  4. know what you mean! the library is my best friend. they have baby time every week. i plan lunch dates with friends. go visit dad at work. we go for a run every morning rain or shine ( i got a cover for the stroller since most the time its rainy). make your own bread. we take the stroller to coupon shop - it can be quiet rewarding. But almost every day i do start to feel a little lonely - esp since we live so far away from family. let me know what else you! (besides read of course)


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