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Monday, November 22, 2010

Proof that we still love Maddie.

Maddie used to sleep in her crate at night. But as Kev and I got busier with our schedules she was spending more and more time locked up at home.

I begged Kev to let Maddie sleep with us on weekends since we didn't have to get up early. Then she started sleeping with us on any night we didn't have an early wake up call the next morning.

It all went downhill when winter fell upon us in that old apartment on campus at WSU. We lived there for free so we couldn't really complain about the lack of heat. Neither one of us could stand the thought of Maddie freezing her tail off all night in her little crate.

The rest is history. She's now a permanent fixture on and in our bed.

How do you and your pets sleep at night?


  1. Thats where Butterscotch & Oreo sleep too right between me & Shad. Im glad they do because they get alone/cuddle time with both of us while Bailee's sleeping in her own room.

  2. cuuute :] jay-z used to sleep between us, but now he just cuddles up w/josh. they're lovers, so at this point there's not much i can do ... :[ haha

  3. If my cats just SLEPT, they would be allowed in the room. And when I'm home alone, I do leave the bedroom door open. But Garrett wakes up at just about anything, and the cats think 5 a.m. is a lovely time to jump on his head (I sleep through it). So, they've been banished to the rest of the house between midnight and about 8 a.m. So sad.


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