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Monday, November 01, 2010

Sorry baby, but your parents are products of the 80s.

After attending Aspen's first Halloween barn party on Friday night, we decided to swing over to Bountiful and visit Seth at a project he was working on.

We walked in the door and he took one look at me and wanted to know what the heck I was wearing.

Seriously? He should know better than I that 80s fashions are back with a vengeance. Being six years older than I am he is much more aware of what was hot then! The best part of my outfit is that every single item was in my closet and it was 100% free. Seth couldn't believe I actually own all the pieces. I gently reminded him that I don't usually wear them all at once.

While Kev and I represented some of the best 80s fashions, poor little Aspen had to make due with her super-cute Pink Floyd onesie (the album it represents is from the 70s) and pretend. Mama and Daddy weren't about to spend money on her costume when theirs were salvaged from basements and closets for free.

She did fantastic at the party, and enjoyed seeing her Uncle Seth afterward. We kept her out 'til midnight, but all the driving coincided with her usual nap times, so she was a delight to have with us for the first of our Halloween festivities. She even enjoyed her first Daddy-daughter slow dance at the barn party. Precious moments, people, I'm telling ya.

Thanks to the Masons for letting us bring our baby to their (grandma's) barn. It's so nice to still be able to party with the wee one in tow!


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