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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That one weekend when I was supposed to be home alone but instead was not.

Kev spent Friday-Sunday in Idaho working a freelance project with my brother and a family friend. Do you know what that means? It means that Miss Aspen, Miss Maddie and I were on our own for the weekend.


No really, it was okay. On Friday night a wonderful friend came up and we had a girls' night, even though Kev came home in the middle of it (between his day job and his late-night drive to Idaho). We ate junk food and watched a horrible chick flick (Letters to Juliet) and talked about boys. Gotta get Aspen started young!

On Saturday the girls and I trekked down to Sandy (even though Seth was with Kev in Idaho) and spent the night just for a change of scenery. Oh, plus my little brother Jeshua met me, Aspen and Maddie there so we could hang out. We never get to spend time together just the two of us, so I was really grateful he drove up from Provo just to see me. He can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he had a good time even when I left him alone with Aspen for a little while. He needs the practice since his little girl will be here in the spring.

The only unbearable part of the weekend was taking Aspen to church by myself in Sandy. There's a meetinghouse around the corner from Seth's, but in order to get there I had to somehow plow my car out of 6 inches of snow on Seth's dirt driveway, which is at a 45 degree incline. I also had to move a number of tree branches and move Jeshua's other car but yeah, I'm a big girl. I almost died a million times trying to get out but as long as Seth doesn't mind that I rearranged most of the dirt on his driveway, it's all good.

When we finally got out of the driveway and to the church I knew I was going to be attending the Sacrament of a single's ward. What I didn't know was that Aspen would drop her binky and it would roll two rows ahead of us and she would commence screaming BLOODY MURDER in the quietest part of the meeting.

I excused myself to the foyer and stuck my finger in her mouth. She calmed down enough to return to the meeting, but after about half an hour started screaming again. It was nap time and the binky was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed. I managed to pack up all her junk and get back into the foyer. That was when a sweet girl wearing purple flats came out with a triumphant look on her face and handed me Aspen's binky. Bless you, sweet girl wearing purple flats.

And to all those who were trying to enjoy the peace and quiet of Sacrament that day, I'm terribly sorry. Just think of me as a public service announcement. "WARNING: don't rush into having kids or you'll end up coming to church with wet hair and spit up on your shoulder and you'll have to excuse yourself three times to the foyer while you baby sucks on your finger and your boobs leak through your nursing pads to your bra."

So really, I guess I should be saying you're welcome.


  1. Oh Livia! Welcome to the full rank of motherhood! You totally rock!

  2. You crack me up! So funny, I don't think I would dare take a baby to a singles ward, at least not alone! At least in our ward her screaming wouldn't have been so out of place. Hope this sunday is better :)

  3. LOL... "screaming bloody murder" you're too funny!


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