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Monday, November 08, 2010

The time a children's book made me cry.

When I'm able to be in the moment with Aspen I'm so grateful. In life, it's really easy to get caught in our daily routines and forget to appreciate beautiful things.

I've started reading Aspen bedtime stories in hopes that she'll love books as much as Kev and I do. Some nights we get through a couple of pages before she's completely lost interest and is practically begging for a binky and a snuggle in her blanket. Other nights I convince myself she's looking at the pictures and listening to the whole thing.

One evening I read her "On the Day You Were Born" and I was overcome with emotion. This book is so beautiful; it's essentially the story of how the Earth prepared for the arrival of a new baby. I absolutely love it and am so grateful it was given to Aspen on her blessing day.

As I read the words to Aspen that night, she sat in my lap completely content. She didn't fuss, she didn't wiggle, she didn't seem to be looking at the light fixture instead of the book. Everything just welled up inside of me and I couldn't hold back the tears. I kept reading the story while smelling her hairy little head's sweet baby scent.

I have a hard time picking my favorite part of the book, but I think the last page says it all: "And as they held you close they whispered in your open, curving ear, 'We are so glad you've come!'" It's the absolute truth.

If you're expecting a wee one, or know someone who is, I recommend this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story line is simultaneously simple and profound. Just make sure you have tissues handy when reading it.

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  1. I will have to buy that book or go rent it at the library. Sounds like a keeper! Shad was a lot better about reading bedtime stories when she was smaller because she mostly just slept now she screams & cries because she's tired, wants a bottle & is ready for bed. Occasionally we can catch her at a good time to read a story. I think its so great to read to them when they are little. I hope Bailee grows up loving books!


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