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Thursday, November 25, 2010

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving...

and all through the house Aspen's skin-melting screams could be heard.

I'm grateful for forgiveness, because that's what Kev and I had to ask of each other this morning.

After last night, I didn't know if I would ever sleep again. Aspen had a horrible, no good, disastrous night from hell.

It felt like having a newborn again, only this newborn screamed bloody freakin' murder. She refused to eat. She had a fresh bum. She was cuddled. Nothing worked. Nothing.

Kev resorted to going to Wal-Mart (for the second time in an hour) and buying formula to fill that screamin' baby's belly. She eventually sucked back enough formula (which broke my heart) to soothe the screams and help her nod off. But even then... she was awake for a lot longer than Kev and I would have liked (as in, until 1am).

So, today I am thankful that Kev forgave me for being grumpy. And I'm thankful that when he went to the bathroom, he came back. I was a little worried he might climb out the window and run away.

I'm so glad there's pie today.


  1. So sorry! That doesn't sound like any fun. Have you thought about her teething? Did you try Tylenol? If she is screaming that bad maybe she is hurting, if my kids ever screamed that bad I gave them Tylenol, I am not sure if I was unneccesarily giving them meds, but it always seemed to help.

  2. the next night when she smashed her head i did give her tylenol. phew. i've checked her gums and she doesn't react when they're touched, so i'm not sure if she's teething. thankfully, she has her 4-month on monday so i can ask the doctor to check her gums and ears for problems.


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