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Monday, November 29, 2010

You learn things you never knew you never knew.

Remember how I hated breastfeeding? Remember how I wasn't any good at it? Remember how I was afraid Aspen would never learn how to eat?

Well, we got around those road blocks. It took a few weeks, but we did it. It's still frustrating from time to time, but we have a good thing going on. I do specifically remember telling Kev that I would never miss breastfeeding... but when the time came that I thought Aspen had weaned herself, I almost cried.

There are a number of reasons why I want to keep breastfeeding Aspen. It's now the season when she needs the boost to her immune system; it's still FREE; and it's so easy. I can't imagine the frustration we'd both endure if I had to prepare a bottle every time she wants to eat.

The night before Thanksgiving Kev and I had to prepare a formula bottle to get her to calm down and go to sleep. To keep things spicy, she decided to successfully nurse during the night, and again in the morning. I can't keep up with this kid! All I know is that I'm not ready to wean her, even if she thinks SHE is.

I meet with her pediatrician today so I'll counsel with her about the signs of weaning and a solid food schedule. I'm curious though, what was your experience with weaning your wee one?


  1. if she nursed fine later, i wonder if it was something you ate that bothered her?

    wyatt weaned himself, but not until just after a year. he just slowly dropped the feeding as he ate solid food, and then didn't need them (when he started eating more). i'd say if she's still nursing fine most of the time, she's not weaning herself yet, but something else is bugging her. i'm curious to hear what your pediatrician says!

  2. i thought people breastfed forever. i obviously dont know all the facts. maybe i'm thinking of that asian movie where the kid is like 10 and still breastfeeding haha. oh dear...

  3. Both girls weaned themselves after a year. They wanted to eat what everyone else was eating. Did the ped. have any suggestions on what was bugging her?

  4. My oldest weaned herself right around a year; it was partly my idea and partly hers, but she didn't fight it. I just gradually dropped out nursing; by then she was eating regular meals of 'real food'. My other two switched to formula at 4 months and 7 months. We've discovered that my body doesn't make milk very well and stops producing after a while. I think my first was also not getting much milk; she finally started sleeping through the night and started growing more after I weaned her at one year. Anyways, my advice is to keep breastfeeding as long as you can--it's free and it's a lot simpler than bottles. But, it can sometimes take longer for breastfed babies to sleep better at night. Right now I'm bottlefeeding my almost-ten-month-old and it's kind of a pain. The truth is, at this age it's not so hard because she sleeps all night and is on a fairly regular schedule all day, but I still miss breastfeeding. But she was actually losing weight and sad and hungry so I had to switch. Just do your best and see how far you can go.

    I've done solid foods at about 6 months for all my kids. Yes, you can start earlier, but I'm kind of lazy and solids can be kind of a pain. Kids don't really need the nutrition as long as they are breastfeeding. Look up making your own babyfood online--it's super easy and much cheaper and tastier than store-bought stuff. Plus you can do healthier foods like mango and avocado that Gerber doesn't sell.

    Sorry I just popped out of lurk-dom and wrote you a novel...

  5. With my first, I stressed about breastfeeding the whole year we did it. I worried WAY more than I needed too. Just after his 1st birthday, I weaned him, and it was a lot easier than I worried it would be. As they eat more solids, they'll just need to nurse less.

    I also wanted to say, if she starts suckling for a shorter amount of time at each feeding, it could just be that she's learning to eat faster, or doesn't need as much to eat right now. As they get older, and as your body changes, they sometimes just don't need to nurse as long. And every baby is different. Gaius almost always wanted to nurse for a full 1/2 hour, Eliza has never nursed that long. She gets her fill in about 10-12 minutes total these days, and she is a much more well-fed baby than my Gaius ever was.

    It's just a challenge because you can't see how much food your baby is getting, so it's really easy to feel like you're doing something wrong. But it sounds like Aspen is doing just fine, so just try and go with it!


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