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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You've got me wrapped around your finger.

I was thrilled that Kev came home early one night last week. I put Aspen on the floor with him and let them go to town.

He blew so many raspberries on her tummy that I was sure we'd get a real laugh out of her. But alas, she kept mum and just gave us big grins.

They get to spend so little time together that I practically force Aspen into his lap when he's home. Even if he's vegging out watching TV or writing a lesson for church, they can still bond through touch. Aspen knows Kev's heart beat and smell and that's really all a girl needs to feel cozy and loved.


  1. Such cute pictures of Kevin & Aspen. I love seeing Shad & Bailee spending time together. Haha we blow raspberries on Bailees tummy & she just smiles too, no laughs.

  2. she is so cute i just want to squish her in a bear hug!!! you know...without hurting her...


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