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Monday, December 20, 2010

Adding insult to injury.

So... with tonsillitis, I not only get to enjoy coughing myself to death, but I also got gypped out of singing a fantastic duet in church. It's something that was already rescheduled once before, and my voice just couldn't handle it this weekend.

To make it worse, Kev and I dragged our sicky selves to Sacrament meeting and listened to someone else sing the duet. It was beautiful, but I was disappointed that I couldn't do it as planned. I miss singing and love the opportunities I have to do it. And I really wanted to sing this duet.

But at least this whole sicky thing may run its course by the time Christmas gets here. I'm grateful it hit now rather than during the actual Holiday when my family will be at the Pink House and I'll be responsible for being a hostess and all that jazz. Sleeping with tissues up my runny noise isn't a very hostess-y thing to do.

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