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Friday, December 17, 2010

Aspen meets Santa.

I was prepared to have a screaming infant on my hands when Aspen was placed on Santa's lap. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Aspen and I met up with Kevin and SueAnn Taylor (look, she has a Kev Taylor too!) and their son Milo in Christmas Village this week. I didn't even know the Village had a Santa for kids to meet! In years past Kev and I have only walked around the cute little houses in the Village.

The babies were awesome in Santa's little house. We may not have gotten a smile out of Aspen, but at least she didn't freak. And do you see her cute snow outfit? We got two big bags full of clothes and shoes from Kev's brother and sister-in-law on Sunday and that suit is one of my favorite gems. You just stuff your baby in it and velcro it closed to keep them cozy and warm. There's a little hood with a dangly snow flake on top that just makes me happy.

My Kev was working, so SueAnn's Kev took Aspen's photos to commemorate the experience. I'm so glad I finally got to meet the Taylors after being blog buddies for so long. It was a great night, even if we did get rained on. Aspen got a juicy kiss from her new boyfriend Milo, so I think she had fun too.

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