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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dogded a bullet there.

I made an appointment for Kev and myself to visit the doctor on Friday since I've been so sick and he was catching up to me. It was almost like a date!

And since it was almost like a date, I suppose that's why the doctor offered us such wise advice regarding our antibiotics (we both have tonsillitis and I also have an ear infection, yea!). Apparently, they will affect the effectiveness of my birth control, so a back up is recommended while the antibiotics run their course.

I am SO GLAD she warned me. Because in between all the sneezing, aching, and green-mucous-spitting I was having a hard time keeping my paws off my equally afflicted husband.


  1. Im sorry you have tonsillitis & an ear infection. I hope those antibiotics kick in & you start feeling better soon! Yeah I never even know antiobiotics effected BC until dental hygiene I dont think anyone ever told me, except the last time I went to the doctor for a sinus infection he told me.

    By the way Shads still borrowing your cell phone. We got the other one from his sister we just havent went down to Verizon to have them switch phones. Hope thats ok?

  2. Really? Because whenever I'm sick I get super handsy. (Mike wishes).

    One of the doctors I work for is having baby #5 because they apparently couldn't keep their hands off each other while she was taking antibiotics. I guess it happens.

  3. hehe! silly doctor!

    feel better, friend!


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