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Thursday, December 30, 2010

If you don't hold still, you'll be a bald little girl with no lollipop.

Aspen was born with a lot of luscious, dark hair. I tried to convince myself that she hasn't necessarily been losing it, but rather, her head has been getting bigger without producing more hair.

Kev and I had to face the facts by the time she hit five months. Her combover was no longer cute. Her mullet, which was right below a big bald spot, was no longer cute.

Kev pulled out his buzzer and hair shears and went to work. Penny looks like a new girl! Having her hair cut actually makes it look like she has more. I'm relieved we said goodbye to the combover and the duck tail. She's so much classier without it.


  1. I swear every baby has a mullet. Why is this?

  2. Oh, THANK YOU for trimming that mullet. My sister refuses to cut her daughter's hair, so, at 20 months, my otherwise adorable niece has a HIDEOUS 'do that looks completely different from the front than from the back.

    The world needs more parents like you. :)

  3. At least she still has a good amount of hair. I will miss her cute combover though. It was pretty cute when it stood up.

  4. I didn't even keep a clipping for a memory book. I may regret it if her hair grows in blonde someday b/c she probably won't believe me when I tell her how dark it used to be. Pictures don't do it justice.

  5. I love having people in the family who can cut hair. It's nice that we don't have to pay through the nose to have some chick buzz Mike's head in two seconds!


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