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Monday, December 06, 2010

Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side!

Kev was once-again working in Idaho over the weekend, and it was kind of a big deal that I survived in his absence. Not to give you the impression that I can't take care of myself, the baby, the dog, and the house without my big, strong man around.

It's just that over the weekend was the ward Christmas party, as well as my book club meeting, plus there's always a struggle to get to church on time anyway, and having Kev gone makes it a little more difficult to get out the door on time (but at least this week I didn't go to a single's ward!). Additionally, Aspen caught a cold and was miserably stuffy on Sunday and her coughs/sneezes broke my heart. It's hard to handle a sick baby alone.

The Christmas party was a big deal because I was singing during it. Plus hosting a table. Meaning, I had the opportunity to decorate a table all pretty-like and have guests dine with me and Aspen. And during the dinner I got to sing with two other lovely girls I know. So I was a leeeeeeetle bit nervous Aspen might have a freak out during the dinner and that not having Kev there to help would make me have a freak out.

I'm so lucky though, because my home-girl Ashley came all the way up from Salt Lake to play the piano for two musical numbers, and my friends Aaron and Melissa accepted my invitation to attend. The bonus is that Aspen was angelic the entire evening and not once did she fuss. A Christmas Miracle!

It was a lovely party, the first of the season for me. It set a tone for remembering Christ during the Holidays. And the kids who dressed up as shepherds and licked the gingerbread ornaments while they hung on the tree were so freakin' cute.


  1. The ward christmas party sounds like it was a lot of fun. Im sure its hard having Kevin gone for a weekend. And Im sorry Aspen caught a cold. I thought it was hard watching Bailee have a cold until she got a stomach bug then I really felt aweful because nothing we did or gave her helped. Hope she gets better quickly.

  2. yay for christmas miracles! haha. sounds like a fun christmas party, i'm glad you survived the weekend!!


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