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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let's get some Christmas up in here!

Wow. Lots of talk about mucus and boobs and things unrelated to Christmas. Oops.

To get you in the spirit, please look at what Aspen wore to church on Sunday. Consider it her Christmas dress (was I supposed to go out and buy something plaid? or with candy canes on it? oops again!). This dress, and her adorable shoes, were included amongst the load of clothes gifted us from Kev's brother and SIL.

I consider these acceptable Christmas wear because that's the spirit in which they were given to us. One family helping out another. I'm so grateful Darin and Anna were able to provide us with so much to keep Aspen cute and entertained (her new command center is from them).

Wish I had matching shoes. Dang girl, those are sweet!

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