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Monday, December 27, 2010

Penny for your thoughts, month 5


Wow. This month... it's so full I can barely keep track of everything. You have been learning so much every day that I don't know how your head stays so small. Consider yourself lucky you're even getting a monthly post for number 5 since I've been sick as a dog for almost three weeks now without much relief. I think my antibiotics were really sugar pills and the Dr is having a great laugh at my expense.

But back to you, dear one. Over the last month you experienced your first cold (not too bad!), you found your feet, you got a lot of new clothes and toys from your Uncle Darin and Aunt Anna (Kev's brother and SIL), you met Santa, you got a new tub, you started chewing on your tongue a lot, you mastered blowing bubbles and your butt finally got big enough to handle size 2 diapers. Way to go tubbo!

I like to watch you watch Maddie these days. You've taken interest in her, while she still just tolerates your existence. I'm sure that once you're toddling around with food in your hands that she'll be your best friend.

You don't sleep much anymore, and by much I mean enough for Mama. You only sleep about four hours straight and then resort to waking up every two hours for the rest of the night. It's exhausting and since I've been sick most of this month, it's also physically painful. Perhaps you'd like to start sleeping through the night again? Yes?

Christmas was very low-key this year, since we're broke as a joke and everyone is sick. But it wasn't about presents; it's never about presents. It's about Christ and remembering the gift he gave us- his life. Daddy and I will do what we can to continue teaching you about this, and since you got two different toys phones for Christmas perhaps we can give you a call sometimes and discuss it when your schedule is open.

Your 5th month birthday is special for another reason because it's the anniversary of the day Daddy proposed to Mama on the top of a mountain. He asked Mama to marry him and said he'd like to have babies with her someday. It only took five years, but wish granted!

Penny, we love you so much and we're so glad you're here.



  1. She is getting so big! It is fun when they start taking interest in the pets. Butterscotch & Oreo know to stay their distance unless they want their hair pulled but whenever Bailee has food they are begging to her. Hopefully she will start sleeping through the night again. Bailee woke up last night I gave her a small bottle & put her back to bed, I finally had to turn the monitor off because she was talking to herself.

  2. Her Christmas dress is adorable! It's fun to watch them. It's amazing how much they learn so quickly. I hope you recover soon as well. That's tough to be sick and take care of a baby.


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