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Friday, December 10, 2010

The reason for the season (here's a hint, it's not shopping).

Having my own daughter, I cannot imagine NOT doing everything in my power as a parent to provide for all of her needs, as well as for some of her wants. I'll do what I can to encourage her with her interests and education so she can fulfil her potential and find happiness.

I can also do something for kids involved in The Fresh Air Fund. It's a program that offers children job shadowing opportunities and a chance to spend time in the great outdoors (of the East Coast, which is my personal favorite since I'm a Mainer). The target demographic is inner-city NY children who may never have an opportunity to go to summer camp without this program. It also gives them a leg-up when it comes to their employment opportunities (when I worked at Weber State University, there was a program like this that gave inner-city Ogden children a chance to be first-generation college students, and it was amazing).

Did you ever go to camp as a child? I had to go every summer for church girls' camp. Some years it wasn't like camping at all because we stayed in bunks and had hot showers and the leaders were amazing with dutch-oven meals (I probably ate better at camp than I did at home!). Even though I thought I hated it, I really had so much fun doing team-building exercises, learning how to make ugly crafts and spending time around a fire talking with a bunch of girls about our deepest, darkest secrets.

The Fresh Air Fund has affordable donation options for anyone who is interested in giving kids experiences like this. You can also be a host family if you're an East Coaster. I strongly support programs like this because I believe it will foster an appreciation for the outdoors and for higher education in children. Having worked at University for over 5 years, I can see the importance of taking education seriously. And being blessed to live in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, I also understand the importance of getting outside and away from the noise of everyday life.

Please consider donating to The Fresh Air Fund this Christmas. I can't afford to give much, but what I did give will make a difference.

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  1. I went to summer camp at every summer in Poland, Maine. It was a camp called Agassiz Village (it's still there!). This camp was exactly what you're talking about. It was for low income inner city kids from Boston. I think this a great cause you're promoting, because my life has been affected by foundations just like the Fresh Air Fund. Summer camps are so important for children. They can really provide a lot of skills and confidence that a kid wouldn't get otherwise at home.


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