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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A sad and strange phenomenon.

Umm, Aspen must be having nightmares. There are times when she wakes up from her nap screaming. But she's not quite awake. And it will take a lot of poking, prodding and soothing before shre really opens her eyes and wakes up. From that point she calms a bit, but is grumpy, which is unusual for her.

Has your wee one ever had a similar experience? It's so sad. I wish I could do something for her, like whisper happy things into her ear while she's napping so she doesn't have anything scary to think about.


  1. Yup. Even my 3 year old still does it. I think it's nightmares. We, like you, have to wake them up completely before they calm down.

  2. Milo does that sometimes too, it sucks, you wake up to a blood curdling scream and it is so hard to calm him down.

  3. Those sound like night terrors to me, but I thought they didn't start until they were older. Beckett has done that. It is so scary and sad to watch as a parent. I hope it is only a short phase and they stop soon for her. That is so sad.

  4. It's so sad when they do that. Julie wouldn't even let me touch her when she had those. If I did it made them so much worse and she would cry for even longer when she finally woke up. Singing to her was the only thing that worked. I hope she grows out of it. It's so sad to watch them go through it.

  5. Yup Rock does that too. Except sometimes I wonder if it's because his mouth suddenly hurts really bad because of teething? Not sure. But babies have nightmares I know it! What would it be of? I wonder.... not being able to play with anything in sight that has buttons?


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