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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is for all ya'll who have boobs.

Since Aspen was born, we've gone the breast-feeding route. Which, duh, you know because I used to complain about it a lot. Because it sucked. And then she went through a phase where she was like, I'M DONE *giggle* after three minutes. Oh she thinks it's so hilarious to fake eat!

Anyway, let me share a little more too much about breastfeeding.

I have had a manual pump this whole time. Do you know what that means? It means that whenever I've needed to stock up (for babysitters, church, whatever) on expressed milk, or whenever I've needed to relieve... swelling... I've had to do it manually.


There were times when my arms were so tired of pumping that stupid thing I almost chose the discomfort of swollen boobs over the discomfort of sore arms. Remember when I had the flu? And I had to pump because I could barely hold Aspen? Yup, I had to manually pump then too and it was so difficult to muster up the energy that I almost passed out after a few minutes.

If you're not familiar with the process of expressing milk, let me just say that sometimes, even with an electric pump, it can take an hour to get a full serving for the wee one. And a full serving for Aspen ranges between 4 and 6 ounces. That's a looooooong time for a tiny bit of milk. Imagine how fun it was to manually reach that goal. And since manually pumping takes both hands, I couldn't even mindlessly flip through a magazine because turning a page meant stopping with the whole pumping thing.


Recently though, I became the recipient of an electric pump. Do you know what that means? It means that I'm actually typing this post while using it. EWWWW TOO MUCH INFORMATION. But really, I'm just so freakin' excited to have hands-free pumping that I wanted to share it with the entire Internet. It's such a relief, especially since starting January, Aspen will be with a babysitter/Kev four times a week, which means Aspen will need to have breast milk in a bottle four times a week. Which means without this electric pump, I'd be crying for countless hours about how tired my arms are from manually pumping day and night to get her enough expressed milk for those times with her babysitters/Kev.

There are not words to express (hahaha pun intended) how happy I am for the generosity of the pump giver. It's almost like she has given me an extra hour each day with extra arms. I know Aspen appreciates it too because breastfeeding has kept her extremely healthy for the last five months and I'd like to continue providing her with the immune-boost she needs to survive the winter. Having an electric pump will make that goal so much simpler to maintain.

Now that I have sufficiently shared, I promise I'll never let you know when I'm typing another post while expressing milk. Or, as my older brother called it once, "Livy Juice."



  1. Ha, ha, ha! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this post!!!That is SO awesome you got a pump! All I have is a manual pump, but fortunately I don't really have to use it. And I love the term "Livy juice!" I gross my brothers out when I call it "Missy Moo Juice!"

  2. While I'm childless and usually pretty grossed-out by all things pregnancy/babies, I appreciate your honesty about stuff like this. I always want to ask people about various things ("How much milk comes out of each one?") but OBVIOUSLY don't because, come on. Decorum.

    So, thanks. :)


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