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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waa Waa Boo.

Why is the cold I got from Aspen so horrible? She didn't seem to mind it much at all. Sure, she was a little congested and she coughed a little, but she was in a great mood the entire week she was sick.

I, on the other hand, have felt so crappy at times that I cringe when Maddie touches me with her wet nose. My throat has sometimes only felt relief when I push really hard on the side of my neck with my finger. My nose is yucky. It's like Aspen's germs jumped inside my body and then exploded into bigger germs. I'm wiped out. And grumpy.

Granted, Aspen slept a lot during her cold, whereas I'm sleeping not so much at all. I'm sure that makes a difference. I hate being sick. I hate not being at full capacity. I hate hate hate it. And I hate taking wimpy cold medicine so I don't poison my baby via breast milk.

Super lame.


  1. Being pregnant, and yacking in the toilet, I thought things couldn't get any worse. Then I got a lovely cold as well. I've had it for weeks. It is finally starting to break up. Of course I know how I got sick...from not being able to sleep at night from being pregnant sick! And coughing like crazy does NOT help trying to not let myself gag! For almost 2 months now my main thought has been, "not having your health is the worst thing ever! I hope you get feeling better

  2. Oh Liva! Get better! We have colds over here too. Well just Ryan and the baby. I really am starting to develop a phobia of the winter months. I dread it to the point of hyperventilating! And I agree with Sheri, when you are sick you really do realize the value of good health. Could you imagine being terminally ill your whole life? We truly are blessed, even when we do get colds. Hang in there!

  3. oh i'm so sorry livia :[ make sure you're drinking enough! my mom always tells me to use a neti pot but i'm too scared and i don't like liquid up my nose.. but it's worth a try i suppose. i hope you feel better soon!!


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