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Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is it so hard?

Aspen slept through the night during her second month. Now she's so over that. She prefers to wake up every two hours during the night, if not more.

I can't for the life of me nap during the day. I try really hard, I do. But my mind races and I think of all the things I should/could be doing instead. Or the dog insists on being let out or played with. So I'm awake all day, and for at least half an hour every two hours at night. I'm not very good at math, but if I'm calculating correctly, I'm getting about no sleep.

I'm hopeful that she'll start sleeping again when we start solids but that won't be for at least another month. Can I survive another month of sleeplessness?


  1. That is rough Im sorry! I cant sleep during the day either no matter how hard I try. Bailee didnt really start sleeping through the night consistently until she started solids so Im sure that will help.

  2. this is exactly what wyatt did from 3 - 4 months. it was about 3ish weeks. it sucked, but then it was over! don't feel guilty about napping, you certainly can't do anything on no sleep! try and sleep at least during one nap. let the dog out, shut the blinds, get in your jammies....whatever it takes. it won't be like this forever, i promise! it's just a phase, and not related to eating (aka feeding won't make them stop, unfortunately!). you can do it! for wy, after this rough patch he got into a good routine and even though he didn't sleep through the night for a lot longer (he never did before though, so there's hope for you!) it was MUCH better. i promise, there's light! :)

  3. It is so hard because they trick you and sleep through the night for a little while then they go back! Milo did the same thing, slept all the way through from 3-5 months, then 5-6 he was waking up all the time and teething, then month 6-7 we started the cry it out, except one night feeding and that has worked well. I hated to do the cry it out, and I still wouldn't have before 6 months, but it worked. Just be thankful you don't have to work, I don't know how I functioned at work with no sleep, somehow I did it though! Good luck!

  4. That is so normal. It stinks big time though. I did the wait-an-extra-5-minutes-before-you-go-in-each-time thing with Beckett. Or I just had Matt go in. That was hard because he was the one that had to go to work the next day, but if the person with the food doesn't come in, then it was easier for Beckett to accept going back to sleep if they knew they weren't going to get what they want. Or you could try to feed her a formula bottle once in the night to see if that helps. Good luck. That is so rough when they go back to the newborn sleeping pattern.

  5. So sorry, I've been there and I know it's rough, hopefully she'll settle into a new sleeping pattern soon for you.

  6. Sorry, that's rough. The same thing happened here. At least it's nice to know that we've all been through it, even though it's hard to get through it at the time. I never could take naps so I always felt like a zombie. Eventually it will pass.


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