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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A battle of epic proportions

Kev was out of town working in Idaho Friday-Monday. Know what us girls did while he was gone? We practiced "crying it out" to get Miss Henny Penny to sleep through the night.


The first night was really awesome though, and I'm not being sarcastic. I put her down for the night around 10pm, which is normal. The only thing I did differently was swaddle her more loosely than usual. I wanted to give her a chance to wiggle those arms out in the middle of the night if she awoke without her binky. I hoped that she could shove those cute dimpled fingers into her mouth to soothe without my immediate assistance.

As usual, Penny woke up around 3am. I listened to her for a few minutes and didn't go in her room. When she started screaming I spoke to her from the doorway. At the sound of my voice she quieted, but when it was apparent I wasn't going to pick her up and feed her the screaming continued. I wasn't giving in though; I just went to her crib and rubbed her face. When that didn't work, I put her binky in her mouth and she went back to sleep.

I decided to pump some milk since I was up and the "girls" are used to feeding Aspen around that time. Can't let that liquid gold go to waste! I heard Aspen fussing a little but she put herself to sleep while I was otherwise engaged.

I went back to bed and slept until 6am, when I decided to feed Aspen instead of encouraging her to go back to sleep. Baby steps, people! After a quick meal, we were all in bed again until NINE. Yea! It was one of the best nights of rest I've had in a long time- probably since she was 2 months old and she was sleeping a solid seven hours without waking up.

The Ferber Method is controversial, but the adaptation I employed made a big difference for all of us. Both Aspen and I slept longer (cumulatively) than we have in weeks. I know a lot of you have tried a similar method with your babies and I'm glad I received encouragement to go for it. Have you had success with a Ferber-like program? What other tricks have you used to help everyone get a good night of sleep?


  1. I am glad that you have found something that will work for your family. Sleep is an absolute necessity for sanity! We read and used Babywise from the get-to, and couldn't be happier. Addy gained weight like a champion, and has slept predictably since she was small. She loves her crib, and often just talks quietly and plays by herself after she wakes up for quite some time. Also, because I had a sitter from the time she was 15 weeks old, it allowed us to be on a schedule that worked for Kim, too. She knew exactly what to expect, and, for the most part, what any crying or fussiness was about. I find that most of the controversy around things like this comes from people who 1- ignore common sense, or 2- have not actually read the materials. While I get the impression that maybe earlier editions of Babywise were a bit more militant, everything I read made sense to my mother heart.

  2. Get-to? I meant get-go, obviously.


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