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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I knew parenting wouldn't be glamorous, but I wasn't prepared for this.

The day after I took Aspen to the clinic, she lost her voice. It is so pitiful to hear her try to cry, or laugh, or simply make those cute baby sounds for which she is usually famous.

I'm glad I didn't hesitate to fill her prescription for antibiotics, and I'm also very glad that using the BBG machine to suck the boogers out of her head doesn't make me throw up.

That thing is seriously so gross. I used to gag using the little bulby syringe and it's good I got over that because this aspirator is way worse. Of course, all the tubes are clear so you can ensure there isn't any blockage... and that means you can see all the snots going from Aspen's nose to the booger container.

Wait, it gets better.

After each use you rinse it with water. So the booger container becomes a giant swimming pool for nose floaties.



  1. Sounds gross! When Bailee had a cold over the summer they told us we could rent one but luckily we could get all her boogers out with the bulb suction.

  2. I am pretty much the worst Mom ever, but I can't do it. I can't suck out the boogies, not with a bulb, not with our machine one, I gag and almost throw up. I make Kev do it, and if he isn't home, I just put Milo in the bathroom while I take a shower to clear out his nose.

  3. poor little penny! i hope she feels better soon.


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