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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'd like to know who taught Aspen how to SIT UP.

It seems like just last night she was helplessly puking all over herself in her crib, and today she's a big girl, sitting up on her own.

Oh wait, it was just last night that she was puking all over herself in her crib. That's why the sheets are fresh!

At six months, this little Penny is 15lbs, 26.25 inches long and really, really cute.

You can see all of Aspen's hippo photos, from newborn to six months here.


  1. She can sit up now? That is amazing. I can't believe how quickly they do things. That stinks she was throwing up. I hope she is all better now.

  2. okay, so while every stage is awesome, i think sitting up and on is where it gets super awesome. i don't know what it is, but it's just so much fun. love it.

  3. I just love that you do this. It is such a cute idea, and that Hippo is like the cutest stuffed animal ever made

  4. She's going to be as big as the hippo soon! She is so cute!

  5. I'm so enjoying A) her growth and B) these hippo photos!

    I can't wait to print all 13 of them (newborn through 12 months) and somehow frame them... I have these adorable hippo buttons from my baby shower that I'm going to embellish the photos with. Yea!


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