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Friday, January 28, 2011

In the LDS church, "Elders" aren't old.

I'm in a couple of book clubs, one that reads a new book every month, and another that has been chugging through C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" for... a while.

It's a great read and I'm so grateful Melissa gave me a copy of my very own. It's beautiful and although I'm taking it very slowly, I enjoy the text. "Mere Christianity" is a transcript of radio talks delivered by Lewis, so it's almost like a conversation. I love how it doesn't read like a lecture of Christian beliefs.

I also love that our weekly book club meetings don't feel like a lecture of Christian beliefs either. We have a mix of non-denominational Christians, a born-Catholic contributor (guys, correct me if I'm mistaken!) and some readers of the LDS persuasion. It is one of the most nurturing environments I've ever experienced to discuss spiritual beliefs.

Melissa and her husband Aaron have hosted the LDS missionaries (aka "Elders") on occasion and invited them to join us each week if they're available. They don't read the book with us (since they're missionaries they're asked to only read the Book of Mormon and Bible for the two years they're serving) but they still contribute wonderful insights to our group. I think the best part about having them that first time was when Jonathan realized that "Elders" in the LDS church are really 19 year old kids serving as missionaries.

No one is pushy, no one yells, no one interrupts... it's awesome! Although we have differing beliefs here and there, we all believe in Christ. I think that our mutual desire to understand one another better means we all have a good time.

How did I get so lucky to have such great friends?! Even if my week has been great, it still manages to get better on Friday nights after meeting with my Christian book club. It sounds so lame, but it's really a lot of fun.


  1. It wasn't the same without you! And oh my GOODNESS, what a group of chapters! We even considered RE-talking about it next week because it was so good. Thank you for your kind words--we love you!

    And Johnathon was actually raised Lutheran and feels that the doctrines and creeds of the Catholic church are the oldest, most trustworthy, and most correct, so he during college decided to convert. Then he moved here, and we took him to church with us. :) He still hasn't decided yet.

    (I, on cue of course, disagree with him. Lovingly.)

    We are reading through ch. 7 this week if you can get to it. If not, no biggie! See you soon.

  2. I'm so sad I missed it. I've just been so tired since I'm letting the child cry at night. She's getting so good at calming down quickly, but I have a hard time getting back to sleep!

    And thanks for giving me the scoop on Johnathon. I'd hate to misrepresent someone's religious beliefs.

  3. Not a problem! He's used to it and so are we.

    Let's catch up soon!


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