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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, Month 6


You laughed at your Mama! Like, for reals. In fact, you laughed at your Mama's discomfort this month, which goes to show what a wicked child you are. It was wonderful to hear your first real giggle though, even if it was at my expense. The best part about it was that both Daddy and I were there for it.

Another milestone Daddy and I got to see together was your first accidental roll from tummy to back. You did it twice in one evening, but it wasn't deliberate. We still clapped for you a whole heck of a lot. And then we made Maddie roll over to show you how easy it is to do on purpose. I think that helped because for the rest of the month you automaticaly rolled to your left when placed on your tummy..

In your sixth month, we took our first unplanned visit to the pediatician because you wouldn't stop screaming your head off. Remember? Yeah. That wasn't a fun night. You went on to lose your voice, and to have your first of many encounters with a gigantic booger sucker.

Some of the highlights of the month include your increased awareness of objects and people, and your developing motor skills. You love your feet and trying to eat them. You love grabbing for things and you can actually put your binky in your mouth by yourself now. Mama is so happy you're growing up so healthy! Your interest in Maddie has also increased, as has her wariness of you. But don't worry, when you have banana smeared on your face, she'll love you FOREVER.

The week before you turned six months you started eating rice cereal. And when you get it right before bedtime, you end up sleeping through the night. YEA!

It's hard to understand that you're six months old. That's half a year. HALF A YEAR. I better start planning your first birthday party because we don't want it to suck! I'm thinking a spanish-speaking-cell phone theme... or maybe bunny-in-a-carrot-car theme. Right now those are two of your favorite toys.

Henny Penny, you're a delight. As you grow, you become more and more fun. The new challenges we all face are hard, but it's always worth it. As a team, Daddy and I have got you covered.


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  1. I love, love, love, LOVE this! I hope you write it down for her to read when she's older!


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