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Friday, January 07, 2011

She's a sad sack of a dog.

Winter has been hard on Maddie. She doesn't get to take walks. She doesn't get to lay in the dirt and sizzle in the sunshine. She doesn't get to hang out in the cool basement for her "alone time." She's stuck in the upstairs of the Pink House almost all day every day with a baby she doesn't yet love.

Don't get me wrong; Maddie shows absolutely no aggression toward Aspen. She prefers to avoid her instead. It breaks my heart that Maddie knows she isn't top-dog anymore. I long for spring so we can all get back to the parkway and Maddie can swim in the river and play at the dog park.

Has the snow melted yet?

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  1. Oof. I empathize. Philly doesn't understand why she can't go for walks in the snow. I keep trying to tell her it's because a) she can't physically breathe when the temperature is below 40, and b) the snowdrifts are taller than she is. I don't think she's buying my arguments, though. :(


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