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Friday, January 14, 2011

We hate winter.

I had to pick up my contact lenses the other day from LensCrafters (WHY DIDN'T I ORDER FROM HOLLY at 1800CONTACTS?!) so Aspen and I braved the frigid, stupid, winter weather and headed to the mall.

Did you know that I absolutely hate winter? And every winter I curse Utah. I curse it! And then I remind myself that I chose to live here and stay here. So I should shut up about hating winter. At least I don't have to scrape ice off my car at the crack of dawn and head to work every morning. That's a plus!

But I do have to take my tiny little wee one into the cold, and that sucks. That's not the point of this story though.

What I meant to share was that once we got to the mall, I just couldn't stand the thought of hauling the stroller back to the car, folding it up, stuffing it in the hatch and then driving home after only a few minutes running my errand. So we stayed at the mall for about two hours.

And since we're so broke it's not even funny, I didn't shop during that time. Aspen and I just did laps around the mall. At 11:30 in the morning, it's glorious at the mall. No teenagers! No skinny jeans! No underwear hanging out of people's clothes!

My little buddy and I just walked up and down, up and down. She talked on her Spanish cell phone for a while, sucked on her giraffe, and then we plugged her up nice and cozy with a binky. All the mall walking did something wonderful because when we got home, Aspen took a two-hour nap.

Until the disgusting weather subsides, we may take weekly visits to the mall for morning walks. It's a great way to get out, and it only costs me gas money to drive there. Just please, don't make fun of me when I'm eating a sack lunch in the food court.

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